Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013
My husband and I are not big partiers, and we just stayed home and watched TV and slept the New Year in, but during the day my daughter's and their family came in for pork and kraut.  We had a nice visit, but the baby got sick and threw up, so that put a little damper on the day.  The flu is awful around here, everyone you talk to have been sick or are sick.  So let's hope we all don't get sick.  Epecially since tomorrow if my first day back at work after the Christmas vacation.  At least I only have three days to work, short week.  I should be able to make that right...

Any way I cut out a top from McCall 6612 view A.  Though I shortened quite a bit to make it more of a tunic.  I added about 1/2 to the side seam so it wouldn't be real tight.  I hope it works.  The neck is really different, but I think I may like it.  I love the drapy neckline.  I used some knit I had in my small stash.  It won't be much of a loss if I hate it, and need to make adjustments for the next top.  I really am not fond of the color, not sure why I bought, probably because it was cheap.  I will post when I actually get it sewn up.  I plan to sew a little tomorrow night.  Hubby is off all this week, so we will see how much sewing I get done.

I just got done ordering some stablizer from a new place called Red Rock Threads out of Nevada.  My girl friend got me a gift certificate on line from them so I could get some thread or stablizer.  I decided to purchase stablizer since I was almost out.  Hope they are a good company since I have never heard of them before.

Until tomorrow....

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