Monday, December 31, 2012

Feeling bad today.....
Becky my youngest daughter left to go home to Nashville today.  She won't be back home now until summer.  I really wish she would not have moved but she has a great job she loves, friends and a new apartment.  She is very happy and love city life. 

I was off work all week, but I sewed very little, because I wanted to spend as much time with Becky before she left. So today instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I went to my little she cave and sewed.  I made tow pincushion thread catchers that I found instruction on the internet at DIY Gift Ideas.   The pattern was from  I followed the instructions closely, but did not use the doorhinges suggested for weight because I didn't want to go to the store. Instead I had some small scented beads you put in crafts and I used this to weight it done.  It isn't the best, but it worked.  If I would make them again, I would rethink this weight issue.  I didn't have any plastic cloth line with webbing, so my husband had some small covered wire that did the job.  This pattern is so easy, and I am hoping to not have so much threads on the floor.  Now I just have to train myself to use them.  I also need to be more careful with my top stitching as I used white thread and it shows, but they are only for my use so no biggie.  I think they would make cute gifts for anyone that sews and they are very easy.

After sewing a couple up, I decided I now need to organize my she cave and get it cleaned up so I can start a new project.  Here are a couple of pictures of my she cave that I love to get lost in.  Not real big but does the job.

Now I am going back upstairs to my she cave and figuring out what to start next.  I have that dress on my dress form that need hemmed, sleeves hemmed and then it will be ready to wear.  Not real sure I like it yet.  Until tomorrow. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Starting the Year Anew

With the new year approaching, I have been thinking about the last year.  I started my blog to post my sewing journeys, but I have not really updated very often.  So with the coming year I hope to sew more, post often and really try to enjoy life, family and friends.  This past year had many happenings.  A little over a year ago I had my third grand child born on December 21st.  He is a joy, but with many physical problems.  Since his birth he has had 5 surgeries and has three left.  Then all should be great.  He is just a good baby, and always smiling even after surgeries.  My other two grandchildren are growing up so fast.  My oldest grandson is such a little man.  He doesn't like my hugs and kiss anymore.....but he love to help and enjoys visiting often, playing hockey and skating, riding his motorcylce and just hanging with friends.  My only grandaughter is wonderful.  I bought her first real sewing machine for Christmas and plan to try to teach her how to sew.  She is such a little girl, love glitz and glitter and all the girlie things in life.  She dances and skates.  My youngest daughter moved to Nashville in September and broke my heart.  However, she calls daily and came home for Christmas for an entire week.  Loved having her home and visiting.  I will hate to see her leave because I know I won't see her again for quite sometime.  Thank God for internet, cell phones and such to keep in contact and hear about her life.  She loves her new place, her new job and her new friends.  Knowing this, makes it much easier to accept.  She keeps telling me I still have my other two daughters, and I am thankful I do, but it still hurts me to see her so far away.  We are aready planning a trip for the beginning of February to visit her.  My other girls have their own families, and are very busy with work and their children, though they are only a couple miles from home, I don't see them often, but we talk all the time.  My husband's place of employment was shut down at the end of November.  Thankfully, he was able to transfer but now has an hour and half drive.  But he is working and that is all that counts.  Now I have about an hour of alone time after work to do as I like.  I think I am going to start the first of the year, to come home from work, get supper started and exercise half hour before he gets home, then I want to sew at least half hour daily.  That is at least my goal.  I want to post my projects as I finish them and I want to have some goals.  I have to think about them and actually write them down so I can see my progress.  I know one thing for sure, I want to sew more this coming year.  I also feel the need to get closer tot he Lord this year.  I have turned my back on my faith lately and I need to ask for forgiveness and start a new and have faith.  Since I lost my brother, and all the bad things that have been happening late with family and the world, I just have gotten cold and I need to get back on track this year in my walk with the Lord.  So until tomorrow.....

Monday, June 25, 2012


Well it has been quite a while again since I blogged. So much has happened since that time. My grandson now 5-1/2 months old had major bowel reconstruction was in Children's Hospital for 7 days and then now just has to have follow check-ups every week. He did great and is so cute. Still can't sit on his behind yet. Below my oldest daughter and Mason.

Last Friday I took my grandchildren to the Pittsburgh zoo. What a fun day. We saw everything, though some of the animals didn't look the healthiest which disappointed me. It was so hot that most of the animals were not very active, though we did see the lion's up close, and the seals really liked the children at the glass and kept trying to bit them. Half way thru the zoo we stopped for some ice cream and rest. Below is a picture of me and my grandchildren.

A lot is going on with my youngest daughter, she got engaged, then her fiancĂ©' broke the engagement off. This devastated her and she has been very depressed and negative since. Look how excited she looked when she came to show us the ring…I could just cry….So if anyone knows of a 26 year old male in the Pittsburgh Area that needs a good, hard working girl, she is available. It is so hard for young adults to meet nice guy in this day and age.

She just got a raise, promotion and such and I ask her if she was excited, and she said she was indifferent…go figure. She has been doing so exciting things. She purchased a new bike this summer. And she went ski diving. Below is some picture.

Sky diving pictures, which I can't post because they are copy righted.
I have been sewing. I made three skirts from the Colette book with the scalloped edge, and all was too big. I gave them to the thrift shop. I am going to try again to get the fit. How can a skirt be that hard? I made three Butterick dresses – B5602. If I ever get the fit right, I will post picture. I did make several more diaper bags from my favorite pattern – Simplicity 4202 which I have made too many times to count. I am in the process of making for another shower gift. This was the last completed gift. I made diaper bag, boppy, blocks, blanket and shoes. The new mother loved it. See pictures below:

I also sold two of my sewing machines and got two new ones. I purchased a Babylock Smphony and Babylock Imagine. I haven't yet decided if I like them. I had a Janome/Kenmore 19606 which I absolutely loved, but thought I need a bigger better machine. Not sure if that was smart. I had a Brother 1034D which was fantastic and I used all the time. The Imagine replaced this machine. I still haven't decided if I like my new machines or not. I found that the Symphony does not like thick material, so not good for my diaper bags and hand bags. That is what I like to sew, so I might have to pull out my really old Kenmore and use, since I sold my Kenmore/Janome which went thru thick material like a breeze.

Well I think I have caught up on what is going on in my life….so until later.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lost from Blogging but going to put forth an effort to post again

I decided awhile back to start a blog to track my sewing over the year. I haven't been very successful at blogging. I read everyone elses blog and think I want to do the same, but I don't. I guess I feel I have nothing to comment on, but then I need to remember this blog was for my benefit, to track my sewing progress, so I need to just remember that and just write more often, especially after I have completed projects.

Since My last post I have been sewing. I actually made twenty small totes that I embroidery, with notebooks and cosmetic bags for my grandaaughter's birthday party. It was such a cute party. My daughter teaches cosmotology at a vo-tech and had the party in her room. They invited about 20 little girls and they each had a pamper day. They got hair, finger nails and toes done at the party. Their favor's was my totes. Each girl was present one when they left.

I also worked on another diaper bag for my daughter's best friends baby shower. I made her a boppy, blocks, shoes and a toy for the inside. It was so cute.

In between this I have been working on a quilt that I started about 5 years ago. I am determined to finish it someday.

Now I am making curtains for my daughter's kitchen. Nothing fancy, just simple country curtains.

I haven't made much progress on my fitting and clothing goals, that is still something I must work at yet.

Since my last blog, I have a new grandbaby, Mason who is just the cutest thing you ever saw now 3-1/2 months old. He has some small issues, but will be fine. May 7th will be his second surgery on his bowel. He will have two more surgeries that we know of before he is a year old....but he is doing him so much.....

I did make him a cute little hate....but it was way to big.....