Friday, June 11, 2010

The beginning of my Journey

Today is the beginning of my journey of blogging....
I started sewing approximately a year ago with making hand bags. I love making different patterns, quilting my material and assembling the bags. I have made many lovely bags for gifts and I sold about 20 bags to different people. Funny thing about me making purses, I do not have one for myself. Each purse was either given away or sold. So I guess I better start making a purse for myself.
Though now I am taking a different road. I am trying to learn to sew and fit for myself. I have found it is much harder than making purses. Though I plan to practice, practice to become better. I just joined a web site and hope to make many friends on the site. I also am a member of What a wonderful site. So many tutorials on every step of sewing, and individual help in fitting by the most wonderful lady.
I am now working on a tunic top and some pants/shorts. I plan to post my work as I go continue on my journey for help from experience sewing experts.