Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bella's First Sewing Lesson

This Christmas I purchase my grandaughter her first real machine. She is nine years old and really just wanted a toy Hello Kitty sewing machine. I felt if I was going to try to teacher her to sew, we needed a real machine. However, she wanted something cute. I started my search on machines, and I fell in love with the Hello Kitty sewing machine. It ran $250 and I just couldn't justify paying this kind of money for a 9 year old. I recieved an e-mail from my Babylock dealer that I could purchase the BL9 for less than $100. That was doable. But how can I make it cute? A lady on Pattern Review suggested Hello Kitty stickers. I found some vinyl stickers at Walmart that are removed, that would do the trick. This is what I came up with....
We started our sewing lesson. I worked with her before on making doll pjs, but this time I purchase a book "My First Machine Sewing book" by Winky Cherry. We looked at the book, I showed parts on her machine and what they are called and what they do. The book has different line drawaling, that you sew without thread and try to stay on lines. That shows them how to move fabric and sew straight. She got bored after about 20 minutes so we started to sew with material and will pick up the lessons again. She made pants for her 18" doll from pattern Simplicity 5733 which was very easy and a quick sew. We had a good day, with only one fatality. She let the pressure foot come down on the outside of her finger, leaving a blood blister
I did cut out another top and it is awaiting me to finish. I tried added a little to the back and sides so it will not be quite as tight. We shall see.....

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