Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Not much sewing going today. I am babysitting my grandson that is 1 year old. He keeps me stepping, currently taking nap so I am playing on the computer so I can make sure he doesn't fall off the couch. Yesterday Bella and I had our second sewing lesson. I had went to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased 5 Learn to Sew Patterns for little girl's and some valentines material. Of course she wasn't fond of what I picked, but we used it anyway. Note to self, take her with me when buying patterns and fabric. Even at 9 years old they are extremely pickie. We finally agreed on which pattern to use that wouldn't be too hard. I made her cut the pattern out, which she did a great job. Then we proceeded to layout pattern on material. I showed her how to pin the fabric to the fabric. I haven't yet given up pins for weights, maybe something I might do in the future. She cut out the fabric all by herself. I read the instructions to her and tried to explain each step. Of course I had to guide her every step. But she learned to pin material, sew straight lines and also learned how to gather material and sew. She made a mistake so she also used the seam ripper. She thought that was cool, wait a little while and I am sure she will hate it, like everyone else. She had a hard time inserting the elastic, I had to help her, but the skirt turned out cute. Her only complaint was it was too long. So next time, we will shorten.

I worked on my pattern again for the last shirt I made. The ladies on Pattern Review made a view suggestions. So I decided to re-trace the front again and start all over. I cut the self facing off as suggested. Then I made a Full Bust Adjustment and added a dart, to fit a little better in the front and reattached the self facing of the cowlneck. I then did a rounded back adjustment. So now I have done a full back adjustment and a round back adjustment. Hopefully these changes will add length to the back, make the front fit nicer and the cowlneck not to be so low. I did cut out material again that I got a JoAnn's 50% of red tag so I only paid $10 for the material, so if it doesn't turn out I won't be out alot. Though I probably will end up wearing even if it doesn't fit perfect. Went to Doctor yesterday about my diebectic and they put me on more medicine and said I must exercise for at least 45 mintues a day. So I am really going to try to listen. I hate taking so much medicine. I need to lose weight and that would help my sugar count.

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