Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bella's Sleepover Party

My daughter recruited me to make something for the sleepover party for favors. After much thought and lots of searching I came up with embroidery applique pillowcases. I have to make 8-10 different pillowcases. I have a Brother PE770 so I started to search the web for designs. The theme of the party is Hello Kitty. I found a wonderful pillowcase on etsy at So I began to look for the Hello Kitty Design, alphabet, flowers, and butterfly designs. I found them on etsy. The Hello Kitty came from , the alphabet from the butterfly and flowers was from I went to Walmart and purchased pink pillowcases and started. Well the test one was my grandaughter's and it turned out great, failed to take picture though before I gave to her mother to approve. Last night I made the second pillowcase. It took about 4 hours to figure out placing and stitch out and move hoop to new place and stitch. I do not have any software for editing, so I had to do each letter one at a time, and move the hoop. I didn't get the placing exact, so hopefully I will get better in time. I really think the girls will like them though. Last year for the birthday party I really went all out and made: It took me forever in a day and I decided they really didn't appreciate all the hard work, so I didn't want to go to such extreme this year. I haven't posted much, but still sewing. I made several tops not quite finished yet. I sew while I embroidery so I don't feel like I am wasting time. My grandson had surgery on his thumb. They had to remove the thumb that was not connected and move his index finger to be his thumb. Bless his litte heart, he is only one year old and has had so much happen in his life. But he is so cute and so pleasant. I just love him to death.