Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I actually went to my sewing room tonight and sewed. My husband had to work over at work and didn't get home until 9:00 pm so I was home alone. I had already cut a top using McCall's 6612 which was the pattern used on the last top. For my first top I added 1" above the waist line to bring it down to my waist. I also added 1/2" to the front and back seams at the sides, and 1/2 to each side of the sleeve seams, tapering down to nothing at the elbow, they are 3/4 length sleeves. I originally did the side seams as view A with the fabic at sides to create a rouching up on the sides but just didn't like the look on me, so I took out the elastic and shortened it alittle more. But I found the top was a little tighter than I liked and it felt uncomfort on me. Looks great on the dress form, just not on me. So I made the following changes. I decided to do view B because I didn't like the rouching. Ishortened it to be tunic length about 19" from arm whole. The last top I made was a little tighter than I like my tops, also the shoulder was not wide enough for my shoulders. The pattern pieces for the top front is different and I am not sure how to add to the shoulders, do a FBA that I really think I could use. This is the front pattern piece:
The top portion of the pattern folds down so that the cowl neck is lined in the same fabric. The shoulder meet when completed. Because I didn't know how to make a FBA I decided I would try to cut the seam allownce and move out 1/2" on the complete side. I thought this might work....did not. Made my cowl neck really big, but did not increase the shoulder with. I also added 1" again above the waistline so the waist would hit where it was suppose too. However with this pattern it really wouldn't matter, there is no waist. But I needed the length. I proable should have just left waist alone and added to the bottom, but not sure about that thought. On the back piece I needed some more room, so I cut pattern and added 1/2". See picture..
I also left the 1/2" on both side seams of the front and back. I raised the back of the neckline about 1/2" because I didn't like how low it fit on my back neck. This is the second finished top...
As I look at the pictures, I need to go back to re-think all my alterations. Adding to the front didn't do much but make my cowl neck hang really low. I must where a cami under or I would be showing the girls all day. The back is shorter than the front. Off me, it is good, on me it is bad. So I have to figure out how to add to the back but keep it the same as the front on the sides...Not sure. Purchased fabric from 2.5 yards @ $3.99 only used about 2 hards because of the long front piece. Material is a ITY and very slinky and a little harder to work with

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  1. I think your top looks great - love the fabric. Is the longer front the way you are standing? When pictured from the side it looks like you may be leaning forward??? Looks good with the cami - a bit of contrast.