Sunday, February 10, 2013

I haven't posted in a while. I really havent been sewing much. I did sign up for a class on Craftsy - Sewing for Plus Sizes with Barbara Deckert. So far I really am enjoying the class on-line, but I really am not that far into the class. Today I talked my husband into helping me make a tape dress form. It took us 4 hours, and it turned out alright. But OMG, when I seen what I looked
like, I could have puked. I really have left myself go. I think I need to seriously try to take off weight, both for my appearance and for my health. My sugar has been out of controll, and if I took off weight, it might help it go down without medicine. Anyway, here is what I actually look like, and boy am I ashamed to even share, but I am who I am..... Don't I like a bumble bee...I have the same shape as my grandmother did.