Monday, June 25, 2012


Well it has been quite a while again since I blogged. So much has happened since that time. My grandson now 5-1/2 months old had major bowel reconstruction was in Children's Hospital for 7 days and then now just has to have follow check-ups every week. He did great and is so cute. Still can't sit on his behind yet. Below my oldest daughter and Mason.

Last Friday I took my grandchildren to the Pittsburgh zoo. What a fun day. We saw everything, though some of the animals didn't look the healthiest which disappointed me. It was so hot that most of the animals were not very active, though we did see the lion's up close, and the seals really liked the children at the glass and kept trying to bit them. Half way thru the zoo we stopped for some ice cream and rest. Below is a picture of me and my grandchildren.

A lot is going on with my youngest daughter, she got engaged, then her fiancĂ©' broke the engagement off. This devastated her and she has been very depressed and negative since. Look how excited she looked when she came to show us the ring…I could just cry….So if anyone knows of a 26 year old male in the Pittsburgh Area that needs a good, hard working girl, she is available. It is so hard for young adults to meet nice guy in this day and age.

She just got a raise, promotion and such and I ask her if she was excited, and she said she was indifferent…go figure. She has been doing so exciting things. She purchased a new bike this summer. And she went ski diving. Below is some picture.

Sky diving pictures, which I can't post because they are copy righted.
I have been sewing. I made three skirts from the Colette book with the scalloped edge, and all was too big. I gave them to the thrift shop. I am going to try again to get the fit. How can a skirt be that hard? I made three Butterick dresses – B5602. If I ever get the fit right, I will post picture. I did make several more diaper bags from my favorite pattern – Simplicity 4202 which I have made too many times to count. I am in the process of making for another shower gift. This was the last completed gift. I made diaper bag, boppy, blocks, blanket and shoes. The new mother loved it. See pictures below:

I also sold two of my sewing machines and got two new ones. I purchased a Babylock Smphony and Babylock Imagine. I haven't yet decided if I like them. I had a Janome/Kenmore 19606 which I absolutely loved, but thought I need a bigger better machine. Not sure if that was smart. I had a Brother 1034D which was fantastic and I used all the time. The Imagine replaced this machine. I still haven't decided if I like my new machines or not. I found that the Symphony does not like thick material, so not good for my diaper bags and hand bags. That is what I like to sew, so I might have to pull out my really old Kenmore and use, since I sold my Kenmore/Janome which went thru thick material like a breeze.

Well I think I have caught up on what is going on in my life….so until later.

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